SR2 Solutions Founder, Chief Cyber Security Consultant

Charles is an experienced Cyber and Information Security Professional with a demonstrated history of working in both the private and public sectors. He started SR2 Solutions after seeing so many cyber security breaches affect people from all walks of life from individuals, to small business owners, to major corporations, to parts of critical infrastructure. Skilled in Secure Software Development, Team Building, Leadership, and Management Consulting. Charles brings a unique perspective to the cyber security industry. Graduated from Lamar University MBA Program. Completed the Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security at Texas A&M UniversityThe Bush School of Government and Public Service with an emphasis in Critical Infrastructure Protection. He completed an Executive Masters at The Bush School with a concentration in Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection and was inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society in 2019 and Pi Alpha Alpha in 2020. He’s been a member of the FBI’s Infragard program since 2017. Charles is also the cochairman of the Cyber Security Working Group of the Department of Homeland Security’s Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC) in Southeast Texas. Additionally, Charles is a Certified Professional Fellowship Member of the Institute for Strategic Risk Management (ISRM).